Our Company

IntellectStorm is an Information Technology based solutions and marketing company. We have been operational since July of 2011 and currently serve a wide spectrum of customers. From the large scale business looking for ways in which technology can streamline their operations and help them reach more customers, to the ordinary person with a specific IT need which will make their goals more achievable.

Our clients are not specific to one country but hail from various parts of the world. We believe this gives us and our customers a unique advantage since we have the opportunity to try methods proven in other parts of the world and if necessary tailor them to suit the specific needs of the area targeted.

We have a combined experience of over 20 years in the fields of; Information Technology, Marketing and Customer Service.

Staying abreast with current technology and identifying ways in which we can match it to the needs of our customers is an important part of how this company works.

We understand that consumer trends are always changing thus, finding ways in which our clients can keep up and take advantage of these changes allows us to give our clients that much needed edge to compete in todays market place. We understand that a customer's success may hinge on our ability to deliver and we take pride in bearing this responsibility.

We pride ourselves on delivering a service that is second to none. We hold dear the fact that a business cannot deliver a finished product unless that is complemented by superior customer service .

We would love the opportunity to work with you, contact us today and lets get started!



In order to help our customers meet their goals we use the resources a wide network of professionals and businesses we have partnered with over the years. Whether its to source a specific item or you have project that requires special attention, rest assured that your needs are always given the priority it desires.


Our experience working with various types of businesses and persons in different fields allow our customers to take advantage of the diverse knowledge and problem solving skills. No problem is too big nor small. We deliver creative solutions at feasible prices.


Whether its building and hosting your website, setting up and maintaining an office or home network, social network marketing or simply sourcing and installing software or hardware components; we keep our clients abreast with the latest technology and the advantages they provide.


For a combined twenty plus years, our partners have held positions such as Marketing Supervisor, Lead Programmer, Systems Analyst, Customer Service Specialist and Account Manager. This is proven expertise that our customers can depend on.


We stand by our work 100%. Our clients peace of mind is very important, this realization makes us keen on maintaining that confidence our customers have in us. We give the assurance that the service we deliver is of the highest quality and will go above and beyond to meet their needs.

Customer Service

This is one of the most important parts of the service we deliver. We understand that customer satisfaction is tied directly to delivering a superior product, so we make it a priority to ensure all our customers concerns are addressed in a timely manner.

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